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Active SMART - hard drive diagnostic

Find out what happen to your hard drives. In realtime.
Disk space usage tool and disk health status monitor.

Install ActiveSMART® to protect your PC from a possible data loss
in case of an unexpected hard drive failure and
to track the disk space usage.

Active SMART screenshot - Hard disk monitoring software
Download ActiveSMART
ActiveSMART 2.10 (Size: 7 Mb)

Normally, the hard disk errors happen unexpectedly. How much would the hard disk information loss cost you?
Does your hard drive - the heart of your PC, and storage of all your data - feel healthy?

Save your system from a hard drive failure with ActiveSMART. It monitors the health status of your disks, temperature, performance and warns you about any problem detected.

Active SMART disk space analyzer and disk usage software

Using another ActiveSMART feature you can easily find out what's using up all your hard drive space.

ActiveSMART quickly scans through your hard drive and show an overview of what's taking up all the space in your computer.

Discover where all your disk space is going! See you all files and folder at a glance!

ActiveSMART is a realtime hard drive health status monitor. It utilizes the S.M.A.R.T. technology to track the status of the computer hard disks. Its main goal is timely detecting and anticipating any problems, occurring with the hard drive, before the danger of the data loss appears.

Moreover - it's a fast disk space analyzer to track the disk space usage. Get the graphical overview of all your disk files and folders with few clicks!

Key Benefits of ActiveSMART

   Powerful hard drive health monitor
   Disk space usage - find out what's using up all your hard drive space
   File shredder tool - wipe files permanently using special shredding algorithms
   Hard drive Temperature monitor
   Full support of hard drive S.M.A.R.T. technology, via USB and SSD drives
   Feel safe with ActiveSMART protecting your hard drive
   Notebook power saving mode support. Use the same version of ActiveSMART on desktop PC and laptops!
   Detailed hard drive status reports
   Health, Performance, Free Space information for all your drives
   Scan for bad and unstable sectors on our hard drive
   Alerts if something wrong is about to happen with your hard drive!
   User friendly interface

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And even more - with ActiveSMART you can check how old is your hard drive, how many read or write errors it collected, change the hard drive power mode or noise level and more..

 ActiveSMART supports drives connected through USB interface. Most of the well known drives are tested and supported: WD My Passport, WD My Book, WD Elements, Seagate Backup, Seagate Expansion, Toshiba Canvio and many others.

Key Program Features

  • Realtime hard drive diagnostic
  • S.M.A.R.T. disks technology support
  • File shredder utility included
  • Alerts about hard drive health status changes
  • Analyze hard drive space usage and show disk space chart
  • Hard-drive temperature control to prevent disk overheating
  • Hard drive Performance, Health, Temperature and Free Space indicators
  • Set critical disk temperature and Active SMART will automatically save your work and suspend your PC in case of hard drive overheating
  • USB and SSD drives support
  • Various types of alerts about disk state
  • ActiveSMART is a Power-Aware application - it saves the battery power on notebooks in Power Saving modes
  • Flexible settings
  • and many more...

ActiveSMART 2.10 release notes 

How does ActiveSMART work?

is not installed

The user is not aware about imminent disk failure if Active SMART is not installed on the system

If ActiveSMART is not installed on the user system,
the user doesn't receive the disks state information.
Any S.M.A.R.T. system warnings will be ignored

is installed

Active SMART reports information about imminent hard disk failure to the user

If ActiveSMART is installed, all information about the disk will be accepted and analyzed by the program.
The user will be notified about any potential disk emergency situations immediately

How does ActiveSMART protect my data?

Just as soon as the hard disk state changes, an S.M.A.R.T. system, integrated into the disk, notifies you about it. The disk condition may slowly decline; however, this might not show for a bit, while the disk is able to correct its own mistakes. That can go on for some time until, one day, the disk is not able to fix its mistakes and the data on the disk is no longer readable or recoverable.
All this time, while the disk condition was growing worse, the S.M.A.R.T. system has been notifying you about it. To obtain this information in time and save your data from an unexpected failure, simply install Active SMART. Installing Active SMART, you protect your data!

What is S.M.A.R.T. technology for hard drives?

S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is implemented into all of the modern hard disks. A special program inside the disk constantly keeps tracking the condition of a range of the vital parameters: driver, disk heads, surface state, electronics, etc. At the present time, S.M.A.R.T. technology is able to predict up to 70% of all hard disk problems! However, to use this information, you firstly have to retrieve it from the disk and analyze it. This is one of the Active SMART program's tasks.
 Learn more about S.M.A.R.T. technology

Hard disk health status monitor

ActiveSMART is a hard drive health status monitoring and harddrive monitoring utility. It constantly checks the set of vital hard disk parameters to find our the disk Health status, Performance and Temperature - one of the most important hard drive characteristics.
 More about hard disk monitor

System Requirements

- Minimum 10 MB available hard disk space
- All recent Windows versions (including Windows 8)

If you need to check status of SCSI hard drives, please use ActiveSMART SCSI version

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User feedback

"Active SMART is the most useful product I have purchased in 20 years of technical computer involvement. A truely useful product."

Paul Ryan

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