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Install ActiveSMART to protect your computer from a hard drive failure, possible data loss and to control your disk space. Quickly identify large files that could be wasting space and hurting performance!
Get the real care about your system.
Features and benefits:

Real-time Computer Protection

Protect your computer with the special monitoring algorithms by Ariolic Software. Feel safe with ActiveSMART.


Instant Hard Disk Diagnostics

ActiveSMART retrieves special diagnostic information from the hard drive of your computer and carefully analyzes it.


Find Lost Disk Space

ActiveSMART offers File Box View ™ technology that displays your disk space usage visually. Control your disk space.


Simple and Easy-to-Use

Enjoy its simple and intuitive interface. Our users don't need any special knowledge.

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Protect your computer now with ActiveSMART®

Protection against all kinds of disk problems.

For 10 years Ariolic Software has been innovating and developing new technologies to protect our customers from all kind of disk and computer problems. ActiveSMART can recognize a hard drive failure before it happen, analyzing the hard disk vital information.

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Active SMART is the most useful product I have purchased in 20 years of technical computer involvement. A truely useful product.
Paul Ryan, Australia
Thanks for a great product ActiveSMART. I'm sure it saved me from another hard drive crash. Without the heat warnings, I would never have known it was running hot. I bought it after losing a hard drive suddenly, then that replacement drive went bad.
Barbara Taylor
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