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Complete File Recovery

Complete File Recovery - deleted file recovery for all types of media

Recover files with Complete File Recovery

Complete File Recovery can find and recover any type of deleted file - program, music, photo or video. However, it has a set of specially predefined file types with advanced search algorythms.

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Please find below a list of deleted file types with advanced search supported by Complete File Recovery 1.3:

Graphics files recovery
JPEG compressed image: JPG file
JPEG compressed image DigiCam: JPG file
JPEG-LS image: JLS file
SPIFF image: SPF file
Handmade Software JPEG image: HSI file
CompuServe GIF image: GIF file
Windows Bitmap image: BMP file
IFF Bitmap image: LBM file
Uncompressed Targa image: TGA file
TrueVision: TGA file
Portable Network Graphics: PNG file
ZSoft image file: PCX file
Icon file: ICO file
Windows cursor: CUR file
Windows Animated cursor: ANI file
Amiga icon: INFO file
Enhanced Metafile: EMF file
Encapsulated Postscript: EPS file
Corel Draw: CDR file
Corel Dream3D: D3D file
Corel Dream: CMX file
Corel Texture: TEX file
AutoCAD: DWG file
AutoCAD: DFX file
Adobe Photoshop image: PSD file
Adobe Illustrator: AI file
PaintShop Pro: PSP file
Windows Metafile: WMF file
LightWave 3D scene: LWS file
Windows font file: FON file
Windows font file: TTF file

Audio/Sound files recovery
Extended M3U playlist: M3U file
MPEG Layer III Audio file: MP3 file
MPEG Layer I/II audio: MP2 file
OGG Vorbis file: OGG file
Windows Media Audio file: WMA file
Advanced Streaming Format file: ASF file
Real Networks audio/video: RM file
Windows WAVE sound: WAV file
MIDI file: MID file
RIFF MIDI file: RMI file
MIDI stream file: MDS file
MIDI Instrument definition file: IDF file
X-MIDI file: XMI file
HMI MIDI file: hmi: HMI file
HMP MIDI file: hmp: HMP file
MUS MIDI file: mus: MUS file
CMF MIDI file: cmf: CMF file
Vibrants Adlib MIDI file: D00 file
AudioCD file: CDA file
AIFF sound file: AIF file
Creative Voice file: VOC file
ImpulseTracker module: IT file
AdLib BNK file: BNK file
Downloadable Sound Font file: DLS file
SoundFont file: SBK file
GUS Patches info file: FFF file
GUS GF1 patch: GF1 file
SB Instrument bank file: IBK file
EA BNK sound file: BNK file

Video files recovery
MPEG4 codec: AVI file
DivX codec: DIVX file
DivX codec: MP4 file
DivX codec: MPE file
MPEG-1, MPEG-2: MPG file
VideoCD: DAT file
VideoCD: VCD file
Windows Media Format Video: WMV file
Windows Stream Format Video: ASF file
Windows AVI: AVI file
Real Networks audio/video: RM file
QuickTime: MOV file
QuickTime: QT file
Shockwave: SWF file
Mobile video: 3GP file
FLI movie: FLI file

Document files recovery
WordPad: wri: WRI file
Microsoft Word: DOC file
WordPerfect: DOC file
Microsoft Excell: XLS file
Microsoft PowerPoint: PPT file
Adobe Acrobat PDF: PDF file
Postscript file: PS file
CHM Help: CHM file
Help: hlp: HLP file
DjVu image file: DJVU file
HTML: HTM file
Plane text: TXT file
Batch files: BAT file
Batch files: CMD file
C/C++: C file
C/C++: CPP file
Pascal: PAS file
Assembler: ASM file
RTF: RTF file
LaTex: TEX file

Archive files recovery
Rar 3.x archive: RAR file
Zip archive: ZIP file
Cabinet archive: CAB file
InstallShield Data archive: Z file
InstallShield cabinet archive: CAB file
ARJ archive: ARJ file
GZip archive: GZIP file
7z archive: 7Z file
TAR archive: TAR file
RPM archive: RPM file
JAR archive: JAR file

Application files recovery
Application: EXE file
Dynamic library: DLL file
Driver: SYS file

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