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Tiny Message

Send network messages from the desktop shortcut

Отсылайте сетевые сообщения с вашего десктопа

Tiny Message allows you to send network messages as fast as possible. Using of it will be very comfortable if you have your own recent recipient list. In that case you can set your shortcuts once and then just use it. You can set recipient list, hot key for starting this shortcut and default communicative language.
If you have no experience of setting shortcuts, don't worry - a useful shortcut manager included in Tiny Message. You can use it to create Tiny Message shortcuts.
Ariolic Tiny Message is compatible with Messenger service on Windows NT / Windows 2000 systems or with programs like WinPopup on Windows 9x / Windows Me

Program Features

  • You can use it instead of 'net send' command or Winpopup
  • You can create the send message shortcut for every recepient
  • Useful shortcut manager included
  • You can choose a communicative language for every recepient. This feature is useful if more than one language is installed on your system.
  • Define the hot key to launch the shortcut
  • Tiny Message is not using memory loading only when you need to send a message
  • If you use Tiny Message with True Launch Bar you can group shortcuts in folders inside of Quick Launch Bar (see screenshots)

What's new - version 1.5

  • Works correctly with computer name comments
  • Added Paste button in the Message Text Window
  • Fixed Recipient List Editor bugs
  • Added Windows XP themes support

See also: Tiny Message screenshots

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