Active SMART disk utility

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Hard Drive properties

Hard Drive properties

You may have certain drives for which you want to set unique properties. For example, you may want to alert different managers when drives in different areas of your company exceed threshold settings.

On the Drive properties window you can specify the types of notification you want to enable for selected drive in Active SMART . These settings specify who is notified and how in the event the selected drive exceeds its warning threshold settings, or fails completely. This is unique settings for this drive only, so you can set unique notification settings for different drives on your PC.


First, select checkbox to Use custom notification settings for this drive. This way you tell Active SMART to use settings that are specific for this drive only, and NOT to use global settings for this drive (you can change global settings on Preferences tab). After this you can enable or disable following settings this drive:

  • Enable warning threshold and disk failure notification
    Enable/disable notification about S.M.A.R.T. events and errors.

  • Enable drive temperature warning
    Enable/disable notification about drive temperature changes and critical drive temperature warning. Below this option you can set disk critical temperature. Active SMART will notify you if the drive temperature exceed this critical value.

Next you can select different types of notification you want to enable for critical notification and for notifications about S.M.A.R.T. attribute changes. There are pop up message, email message and network message. Every message contains alert description and computer name, where the alert has been sent from.

Email settings and network message settings you can change on Preferences tab

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