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SCSI diagnostic

Active SMART - hard drive diagnostic

Active SMART for SCSI drives - test and monitor SCSI hard drives

If you want to monitor the health status of SCSI drives then you can try Active SMART SCSI version. It supports SCSI hard drives and SCSI RAID arrays. This version recognizes up to 4 IDE/ATA and up to 8 SCSI drives. We can add support for more SCSI or IDE devices upon your request.

(If you do not have SCSI drives in your system, or do not know what it is then please check out the regular version of ActiveSMART to check health status of ATA/SATA hard drives)

Active SMART SCSI version supports S.M.A.R.T. technology on both IDE (ATA) and SCSI devices. However SCSI drives use another method of reporting their S.M.A.R.T. status, in concordance with S.M.A.R.T. implementation for IDE devices. They do not report detailed information about supported attributes and do not support reporting of detailed statistics about S.M.A.R.T. attributes.

However SCSI drives report overall health status of the disk and a set of vital disk parameters - such as Defect list, hard drive temperature and other.
Active SMART monitors disk health status and uses other health-status disk features of SCSI drives to provide early notification about possible drive failure.

Also Active SMART for SCSI supports the SCSI hard drive thermal sensors and can be used to trace the hard drive temperature to prevent its overheating.

Download free trial version: Active SMART 2.41 SCSI Trial version

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Active SMART Release Notes

Version 2.41 SCSI

  • Added information about Primary and Grown defect lists for SCSI drives
  • Added internal diagnostic information for SCSI drives
  • Added information about drive SCSI drive diagnostic parameters to the report file
  • Added full support for the Large Fonts mode (120 dpi)
  • Added resizing to the main window
  • Added support for more then 350 SCSI Vendor names
  • Added a checkbox to enable/disable logging for particular attributes (Custom notification settings window) (for IDE drives)
  • Added the SMART Raw data viewer to view the raw value of the SMART attributes (for IDE drives) (Disk Info tab)
  • Added the balloon tooltip for the Active SMART system tray icon with the brief results of the last SMART check
  • Added the disk serial number to the log file record and the event log record to distinguish hard drives with identical model names
  • Added support for hard drives that larger then 137 Gb
  • Added support for Windows Server 2003
  • Added Log tab updating when the user pressed the "Check Now" button
  • Improved authentication support to the internal SMTP client
  • The disk check interval now can be set from 1 minute to 240 hours
  • When the program pops up with an advisory that a value has changed, it leaves an AsmartCore.exe process (only in Windows XP). This bug is fixed
  • Fixed some visual apearance bugs while using Windows XP themes
  • Fixed visual appearance bugs that appear when the Large Fonts option is enabled
  • Changed the Disk Info tab. Its new look contains all information about drive features
  • The most recent events of the log file (Log tab) are shown first now
  • Fixed the crash bug when on some systems when the SMART Info tab is opened
  • Fixed bug inside SMTP client that resulted in error "Failed to connect to SMTP server"
  • Fixed bug inside SMTP client - email feature sometimes did not work in the background mode
  • Fixed color highlighting of attributes with T.E.C.

Important note:
When Active SMART is to be used to monitor SCSI drives or RAID arrays, the WINASPI driver must be loaded and started on both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000/XP machines. The ASPI driver handles communications between the SCSI controller and the system. The driver is NOT normally required for Hard Disk Drives to function if no other SCSI devices are present. If the WINASPI Driver is not installed Active SMART will not be able to monitor the S.M.A.R.T. Alerts issued by the drive, nor will drive information be displayed. All other functions of Active SMART are not affected.
You can download ASPI driver from Adaptec website here

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Download free trial version: Active SMART 2.41 SCSI Trial version

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