Disk Scanner: Disk Read-error Detection and Reporting

What’s a Disk Scanner Software?

As the name suggests, a disk scanner software thoroughly checks storage devices for possible issues and helps users fix such issues or at least backup their data before it’s too late. Since storage devices such as internal hard drives degrade over time, a failure can happen anytime once users start noticing read errors, which are mostly a result of unreadable sectors. Although Microsoft Windows comes with a built-in disk checking utility, it offers limited functionality and not much when it’s about understanding the results. 3rd Party disk scanning utilities such as free Disk Scanner by Ariolic make it easier for average users to scan storage devices and help them better understand what the scan results mean.

What are Unreadable or Bad Sectors?
A bad sector is a small cluster of storage space that becomes unreadable and stops responding to read/write requests. It can happen either due to a software error (aka logical bad sector) or physical damage (aka physical bad sector). Some hard drives are shipped with bad sectors from the factory as no manufacturing technique is perfect and there is a margin of error in every process, while natural wear can also turn data clusters unreadable. Bad sectors caused due to software errors can be fixed fairly easily, but repairing a bad sector caused due to a physical damage is next to impossible. It’s important to mark unreadable sectors as bad so the operating system knows that it is not supposed to store data there.

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Disk scanner detected and marked unreadable bad blocks

Who Needs Disk Scanner Software?
Disk analyzers can be very helpful when a storage device such as a hard disk starts showing signs of failure. Ignoring such signs could lead to corrupt system files or in the worst case scenario complete hard drive failure, which means users are no longer able to access their data. Disk scanning software help avoid such situations and allow users to take action before things start to get ugly. Although a disk scanning software does not guarantee fixing underlying issues, it does act as an early warning system and provides a cushion against complete failure.

Why Ariolic Disk Scanner?
Disk Scanner from Ariolic Software is a freeware, easy-to-use and tiny utility that allows everyone to scan their storage devices for errors. It can be very useful when a hard drive starts showing signs of failure, which can happen due to many reasons such as degradation over time. Since the software is portable, users don’t have to install anything and can run it directly from a local or flash drive. This makes it easier for them to scan multiple systems without any hassle. Read-only scans ensure that no harm is done to the data and everything remains intact as the software goes through every sector for read errors.

The Disk Scanner provides users with valuable information at the end of the scan, including information about files or file parts with bad sectors. Support for all varieties of FAT and NTFS file systems means that the software covers all versions of Windows operating systems. It also supports both internal and external storage devices, including hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards and even optical disks (CDs/DVDs). The scan shows results in a visual manner and marks bad sectors as red. It not only detects read errors, but also identifies the files affected by bad sectors.

Key Features
• Freeware
• Read error detection, affected file identification
• Portable utility, no installation needed
• Small size
• Easy-to-use
• Graphical representation of bad sectors
• Supports both internal and external storage mediums, including CDs/DVDs
• Read-only scans
• Supports FAT flavors and NTFS file system
• Scans all sectors

How to Use ARIOLIC Disk Scanner?
The Disk Scanner makes it easier for everyday PC users to scan their disks for errors and saves them from going through lengthy installation procedures. All they need to do is to download the tiny utility, run it directly from a disk or flash drive and select the drive letter before pressing the ‘Start Scan’ button. The software then starts checking every disk sector and marks the unreadable ones as bad. It also shows a list of affected files in the end and alerts users of unreadable parts.

Since a large number of PC users don’t care much about regularly backing up their data, running a disk scanner from time to time makes sense. Hard drives degrade overtime and can start showing signs of failure with read errors being the most common sign. It’s something that requires immediate attention as not acting in a timely manner can result in loss of valuable data or complete hard drive failure in the worst case scenario. Ariolic Disk Scanner is a small utility that does not require any installation and allows users to thoroughly scan their hard drives for read errors in just a few clicks. The best thing about the software is that it’s a freeware, so you don’t have to spend anything to check for disk errors. Ariolic Software also offers advanced disk health monitoringfile recovery, secure deletion and other tools for users who want more functionality and features.

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