Disk utility

Disk utility ActiveSMART

What is a disk utility and do I need it?

Hard disks installed in every PC or notebook. All your data stored on the hard disk – your family photos, your documents, emails and even games. But what happen if the hard disk start to lost your data? How to check or even monitor its status and be warned before the hard disk fail?

Solution is simple – use disk utility – ActiveSMART. It’s a special utility for internal and external hard drives, designed by Ariolic Software, one of the pioneers in designing hard drive health status monitor utilities.

Download ActiveSMART – hard disk utility

ActiveSMART is easy to use. You don’t need any special knowledge to use it. This disk utility collects and analyze special diagnostic information from your hard drive and calculates and show the hard disk status. You can always open ActiveSMART and see health status information about your hard disks, their temperature, diagnostic and warning events. And if ActiveSMART detect a problem with the disk – you will be warned to take an action to save your data.

Why do you need to monitor health status of my hard drive with disk utility?
Because your hard disk is very complicated device. It stores huge amount of information on its internal disks. And the dencity of this information incredibly hight. The internal software hard drives use (firmware) can detect problems with the disk, but the only way to report them to the user – to you – using special software, which can extract this warnings from the disk. ActiveSMART designed for that. It monitors the hard disk for any problems and checks its status using special technology – Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T.) Therefore, there is a chance to predict a potential hard drive failure using early warnings from hard disk. ActiveSMART can detect these warninhs and alert you, so you can backup your data and replace the hard disk before the data lost.

The screenshot of ActiveSMART – the SMART disk utility

Download ActiveSMART – powerful diagnostic utility for hard drives