Gmail accounts and importance of data protection

Google launched its free email service back in 2004 which provided the users with 1GB of storage capacity. With an attractive new interface and latest features, Gmail became the most used platform to send, receive and store data. With the change of time, Google has been rapidly working on the development and enhancement of Gmail accounts to make them effective. Although the service was launched for a limited number of users but it became a free service for everybody in 2007.

Gmail accounts allows companies and businesses to take benefit from the web-based applications introduced by Google. Along with communication and transfer of data, you can now get sufficient storage space without the risk of losing your valuable files or information.

How to create a Gmail account?

A Google account can be created by entering a username and password which is used to login into Google applications afterwards. Along with the access to Google Mailbox, your account will work similarly for other Google products such as Docs, Search and Maps. Gmail currently offers 25GB of storage capacity for every account which allows the users to access their information from any location. By the support of Google Apps’ dashboard, you can also transfer large files and messages to Google’s cloud storage without the need of any technical skills.

Why is data safety and recovery important?

With the latest advancements in technology, protection and safety of data has become a major concern for companies and businesses. As data loss can be disastrous for both individuals and companies, it can result in valuable loss of information which might never get recovered again. Data recovery is a smart approach which can help companies to ensure safety and protection of important information such as personal documents, files or photos. Although there are several data recovery tools available over the internet, but you will still be needing professional assistance to ensure proper working and protection of data as well.
Recover your lost data within no time

In case you have lost your important data or files somehow from your computer, using popular hard disk drive recovery tools can yield great benefits. Without getting your hard drive recovered from a professional service provider, you can surely get every file or photo returned by making some small efforts. To help companies and individuals in this regard, Ariolic Software is proud to announce the amazing Complete File Recovery tool which is a perfect way to get your data restored.

Programmed to work on all sorts of storage devices such as hard disks, USB flash drives and SD cards, the tool does not require any expert skills to be operated. Whether you want to recover text files, folders, images, mp3 tracks or videos, Complete File Recovery tool can also be used to recover deleted photos directly from your smartphone.
Advantages of data backup

Apart from data recovery and restoring, Complete File Recovery tool can bring great benefits for both individuals and companies. The biggest advantage of remote data backup is that it can be automated and on a regular basis so that data recovery could be performed without any interruption. Furthermore, the program is absolutely easy to install and use for which there are no professional skills required. Companies which are being solely run and administered over computers need to keep their data secure and protected at any cost. It is only possible if the IT administrators regular monitor hard disk health of every system and server capacity so that there are less chances of data loss.

Monitor hard disk health regularly to keep your data safe and protected

Hard disk errors are always unexpected and result in the loss of stored data. This can cause great problems for PC users as they will have to spend a lot of time and efforts to recover the data completely. Monitoring hard disk health in routine can surely save you from any kind of problems which can result in a complete data loss from the storage medium. In order to get regular updates about the hard disk operation and health status form your computer, it is compulsory that you install a reliable hard disk health monitoring tool.

To help PC users in this regard, Ariolic Software has launched the high performance hard disk health monitoring tool known as ActiveSMART. Designed and programmed to work efficiently over all types of hard disk drives, the tool regularly checks the hard drive health, monitors disk temperature and runs background diagnostic to ensure best protection.

How does HDD health monitoring tools work?

The tools which are designed to review hard disk health are given access to all of the disk space so that any malware file or program can be traced easily. By warning the PC users immediately when there is any problem with the hard disk, the tool uses special algorithms to estimate failures and avoid data loss. Furthermore, ActiveSMART also supports an automatic disk check up on system booting which stops malware programs to cause any problems.

In event of hard drive overheating, HDD health monitoring tools will automatically suspend you PC to protect the valuable data. Moreover, it can also save you from a possible hard drive failure as the tool is carefully optimized to operate on low energy as well. Made to work efficiently on all types of storage mediums including internal and external ATA and SATA drives, Solid State Drives (SSD) and NAND drives which are connected internally. So, if you are in search of a reliable and safe hard disk protection tool, ActiveSMART is certainly the best option to be considered.

Although Gmail accounts have proved to be the most convenient and safe way to send, receive and store information, but companies having bulk data need to rely on their own storage systems for data protection. This is only possible if you are using a reliable and efficient hard disk protection and data recovery tool which is suitable for every type of computer. In case you have lost your valuable information or worried about weak hard disk drives, using tools launched by Ariolic Software can yield best outcomes.