What to do if hard disk is full?

Modern hard drives come in a vast variety of sizes, the largest ones estimated in terabytes. However, no matter how large it is, one day you may discover your hard disk full.

Videos, music, pictures and software tend to eat up space quickly, and sooner or later you might find that there is no place to store new data anymore – and that your system is slower and less stable, all due to the hard disk being full.

The solution is, of course, to free up some space. This is better done with utilities such as disk analyzers. They will help you to find the largest and the unused files on your hard drive, including the hidden ones – those that are not usually shown in Windows Explorer.

One of such disk analyzer software is ActiveSMART. This is powerful analyzer of hard disk space. It checks the drive and shows in a graphical way all your biggest files and folders. All you need to do – just right click on the file and delete it. Done. You just recovered a few gigabytes of your disk space.

Download ActiveSMART with disk analyzer

ActiveSMART disk analyzer shows biggest files

One way of dealing with the hard disk being full is to use some external file storage – flash drives and DVD drives. Or, if more convenient, you can upload your files to the Internet, in the cloud. There are a great number of file hosting services on the Internet, most of them allowing both web and ftp access. If you store your files there you will save yourself some hard drive space, and should you need, you can always recover your data from the virtual storage. Choose the most reliable services, however, to be sure that your information will be kept safe.

Anyway – there is one simple advice – check your disk time to time, use software, for example, ActiveSMART, to analyze which files eat up disk space and your HDD will never be full.