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Memler supports many beautiful skins.

Learn foreign language with Memler. Free.

Do you study foreign language? If so then Memler is for you! Download the word library for your language or create your own Memler word list and master foreign language fast and easy!
   Memler is an award winning vocabulary trainer and a fast dictionary. Memler is easy to use and highly configurable.
    Set your preferences for how often you want Memler to pop up as you work, and how many words you wish to be quizzed on. Memler will do everything else. 
Memler works with words lists. Visit our collection of free words lists and download words for the language you wish to learn or create your own word list with the help of the Libraries Manager, that included with Memler. Master words with Memler vocabulary builder - it's easy!

With Memler you can:

  • Create your own word lists for different languages, or download it for free from our website. Visit our words lists collection.

  • Share your lists with anyone with Memler, and you can use their words lists.

  • Learn big words collections very efficiently - Memler has a Lesson mode to split big words libraries by a small lessons.

  • Manage your words using included powerful Libraries manager to edit your libraries: adding, editing, deleting words and pronunciations, changing the lesson, adding or removing words from the lesson, searching the words in the library, several sorting modes, statistics about answers for every word, loading, saving and creating new libraries and so on.

  • Use your words library as a Dictionary  - use Memler as powerful translator! It supports Drag&Drop - drag unknown words with the mouse and drop it into the Memler Dictionary window - and Memler translate it at once.

  • Learn not only words but even sentences! With Memler you can learn even sentences - you can add into Memler as long sentences as you want!

  • Study only certain part of speech from your words library! You can set up Memler to learn you only only nouns or only verbs, etc

  • Change the Memler look on the fly - our designer prepared many beautiful skins for Memler - choose your favorite skin from our collection!

We have even more to tell you about Memler!

  • System tray feature: in waiting mode Memler isn't taking place on your desktop, it is in the corner of the desktop, near the system clock. You have a full control on Memler from this icon's popup menu.

  • Automatically switching keyboard layouts between your own language and learning language while adding words in the words library.

  • Memler has an auto start feature: automatically starting when Windows starts.

  • Fully customizable interface: you can select a font, size, color, script, etc. for your languages.

  • You can set the amount of right answers for the word to make it "learned".

  • You can set the time intervals to automatically start test mode.

  • Several modes showing words in the words list: only your own language, only learning language, or both of them.

  • In the tests you can select a word from the words in your own language, or learning language.

  • You can add new words to your library from the Memler tray icon in any time: right click the icon and select "Add words" option from the menu.

  • Also you can load, save words library from the tray icon's menu and edit your library.

  • Skins support: you can change the look of Memler on the fly - big or small, for children or specialized. Visit our skins library.

  • And many other features. 




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