Disk usage

There are a few tips that can make your hard disk usage safe and effective.

First of all, create at least two partitions on your hard drive – one for the system files and another for your personal information. This way if your Windows crashes, you can format the partition with your system files, keeping your personal data safe and intact.

Another way to improve your hard disk performance is defragmenting. A large number of fragmented files slows down your computer. Basically, defragmentation process takes care of such files. It puts their fragments next to each other, getting rid of the space between. Defragmentation makes accessing your files faster and improves overall productivity of your disk usage.

Check what’s using space on your hard drive from time to time. There are plenty of software that analyzes disk usage, for example ActiveSMART. It will help you to determine your file sizes, to inspect the details of any file, and to locate the files that you do not use anymore.

Monitor disk usage and much more in ActiveSMART

Your files and folders should have a descriptive names. Also, don’t forget to back up your important information – this may become invaluable in case of the drive failure. And give your computer a rest from time to time – continuous use may lead to your hard drive overheating.