How to display disk space

Your hard disk is full.

This is a situation every computer user has been in more than once. When this happens, what do you do?
There is no need to hurry and buy a new hard disk just yet. Let’s see what has taken up your disk space first, so that you could try to free it up.

With Windows operating system, however, disk space display turns out to be not as trivial task as one might expect. Of course, the Add/Remove programs application can be of use here, as it tries to estimate how much space a program eats, but unfortunately, those estimations are not always correct. Besides, this application is helpless when it comes to file and folder sizes checking.

Disk space display is much more easily performed by programs designed for disk space monitoring. These programs are called disk analyzers. For example ActiveSMART. They display disk space usage in a number of user specified ways – graphical is a popular choice.

Download ActiveSMART with disk space display and disk analysis.

ActiveSMART display free and used disk space in disk analyzer.

They also keep track of your free disk space and can warn you if it falls below any threshold you set. Disk analyzers are capable of almost instant analysis of drive space allocation, making a disk space display a simple and quick process.
So if you decide you need to clear up space on your hard disk, do take advantage of disk analyzer software.
And do not forget to run a disk analyzer in ActiveSMART and then use built-in file shredder to free up more disk space.