How to find big files

Did you know…
That if you click on a folder in Windows Explorer, it will tell you how much space is taken up by its individual files but will completely ignore the space taken up by any of its subfolders? To get the real size of a folder you need to right-click on it and choose the Properties option. You can find out which of the folders are the largest this way.

To find large files you can click on the Size column at the right pane of your Windows Explorer window. Don’t forget you have to click on it twice – only one click sorts the files in the ascending order, with the small ones on the top.

However, manually going from folder to folder and clicking on the Size column is not the best way of finding large files on your computer. If you want to save time and effort, much easier way is to download an utility that will find your big files for you, quickly and safely. Such programs are called disk analyzers. They can scan your hard drive and find all the large files that eat your drive space.

Biggest files in ActiveSMART disk analyzer

Just choose the folder, or even your whole disk C: and ActiveSMART will scan it and show all biggest files and folders in a nice view. To delete any file just right click on it and choose “Delete

Download ActiveSMART disk space analyzer