How to monitor disk space usage?

The rate your hard disk space diminishes these days can be surprisingly fast. This is even more true if there are several users on your computer. More and more information gets piled up on the hard disks, and suddenly there is just no free space left, while you may not even know what’s taking it up.

Disk space usage is the thing you want to be able to control if you wish to avoid such problems. One way to do it is to limit users’ profile sizes to a certain amount.

Also, you may wish to install software that analyzes what is eating up all your hard drive space. If you haven’t checked your hard drive for temporary files, cache files and such, chances are that your computer is filled up with all that useless, but space consuming data. Programs, designed specifically to analyze disc space usage, for example, ActiveSMART, will easily help you to remove unnecessary files.

Check disk space usage with ActiveSMART

ActiveSMART shows the disk space usage in a graphical way

Another thing you can do is to change the amount of space used by System Restore – delete all but the last one restore points. And if you don’t use hibernation, disable it! This will delete the hibernation file hiberfil.sys – a large one, and completely useless for anything other than hibernation.