How to restrict the directory size?

Did you know…

That you can restrict the directory sizes for the user to a certain limit?
This feature is particularly useful if you have many users accessing the same computer and you would like to restrict the space usage for some of them. You will need to take the following steps:

  • right-click on the drive where you would like to enable this feature, select Properties, go to the Quota tab;
  • select checkbox against “Enable Quota Management” option;
  • click on the “Quota Entries” button, select the user for enabling disk usage quota, and enter the amount of space you wish to let them use.

Remember that each drive has separate quota settings, and the actions you take on one volume do not affect the other volumes.

Don’t forget that there are utilities that will help you understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives, and help you find obsolete files and folders. Some of those utilities can visualize your directory sizes, making it easier to evaluate them.
One of the most well-known program – ActiveSMART. It includes powerful analyzer to examine and visualize your biggest files and directories and which of them consume your disk space.

Download ActiveSMART with directory size analyzer

ActiveSMART helps to find out how much space your files consume

You can also download and install software monitoring you hard disk activity, if you have a lot of it occurring and you want to identify the cause of what is slowing down Windows – that activity or the possible lack of hard disk space.