How to view folder sizes?

Folder sizes in ActiveSMART

Did you know…

That the quickest way to check the size of your folders in Windows, assuming you don’t use any third-party software and don’t have additional services running in the background, is to press Alt + Enter after selecting the folder you wish to check? Alt + Enter is the equivalent of right-clicking on the folder and going for the Properties option.

However, if you want to view folder sizes on a regular basis to keep track of your hard disk space distribution, you have to consider looking for a more efficient tool.

Disk space analysis software might be the thing you need. Disk space analysis programs scan your hard drive for space allocation details and present the results in a number of different ways. For example, you may add a new column to the Details view in Windows Explorer, containing information on your folders sizes.

It will let you view folder sizes in comparison to each other and quickly estimate what folders take up most of your hard disk space. Or you can install a program that presents the information in a graphical form, and view folder sizes as color-coded sectors of a pie chart.

For instance – ActiveSMART, well known hard disk health monitoring software, includes powerful tool – Disk space analysis. It will quickly scan your disk and display biggest files and folders which are wasting the disk space.

Download ActiveSMART with disk space analyzer

Whatever your choice may be, the ability to easily view folder sizes will help you greatly with your hard drive space management.